Carri Levy
TV Producer, Rare Disease Advocate and Co-Creator of Behind the Mystery: Rare and Genetic

Driven by the power of connection, helping to bring rare disease awareness into your living room

Carri Levy is the creator of Behind the Mystery: Rare & Genetic, a national television series devoted to rare and genetic disease awareness. Carri started her career in television as a producer for Designing Spaces in 2006, and transitioned to producing The Balancing Act’s “Choose Health” series in 2011. A year and a half into her role at The Balancing Act, Levy took a hiatus to care for her daughter, Ilana, whose health was deteriorating due to a rare and undiagnosed disease. It was during this time that Levy made it her mission to find out everything she could about rare diseases.

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Carri Levy

Producer and Advocate

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